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[My dolls]

Please understand that these rules are provided for both your protection and mine.
These terms are legally binding.
[1] Should you choose to use any dolls in my collection, whether a complete set or individual image, you must use a linking logo, or a text link. This is not negotiable. Using this logo and link is part of the copyright.
Please refer your links to: with a banner.
[2] You may NOT alter, change, colorize, resize or modify any of my dolls. This means changing hair, skin, eye color and then calling it your own.
[3] My dolls and web graphics collection may NOT be used by individuals whose intent in developing web sites for others is for gain whether from the site itself or from the web page developing service.
[4] Please load the images to your own server or web site directory. Please do not link directly to my images. If you are unsure how to load to your own directory, please consult the upload data on the site service you are using.
[5] Do not use any of my web site graphics or steal my code. I make these for the sole purpose of my site. If you have questions about how to make your own there are lots of sites out there to show you how ^_^.
[6] If you want adop any dolls please
write me.
[7] If for any reason I request that the images from my site be removed from your site, you will be given 72 hours to comply.

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